SS Rajamouli’s Surprising Collaboration with Cricketer David Warner

By cinema manishi Apr 12, 2024 #ss rajamouli

SS Rajamouli, known for his mastery in storytelling, recently left audiences in awe with a surprise dance performance alongside his wife, Rama Rajamouli, to the beloved duet “Andamaina Premarani” from the film Premikudu. However, the surprises didn’t end there.

In a comedic commercial, Rajamouli humorously contacts renowned cricketer David Warner for discounted match tickets, only to find himself negotiating Warner’s desire for a role in one of his movies. As Rajamouli envisions Warner in iconic roles like Bahubali, hilarity ensues as he realizes Warner’s acting skills fall short of expectations. Ultimately, Rajamouli opts for Cred UPI to avail the discount, leading to a humorous resolution.

The advertisement has sparked widespread amusement on social media, with audiences eagerly sharing the delightful encounter. With Rajamouli showcasing unexpected acting talents, anticipation builds for future entertaining commercials from the master storyteller.

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