Cyber Crime Helpline Saves Hyderabad Woman from Rs. 60 Lakh Fraud

By Rishi May 18, 2024 #cyber crime #hyderabad

In a rapid intervention, the Cyber Crime Helpline at the TS Cyber Security Bureau (TSCSB) successfully prevented a cyber fraud victim from losing a significant sum of Rs. 60 lakh.

On the evening of May 15, a cyber fraudster posing as an official from the Maharashtra police contacted the woman. The fraudster falsely accused her of participating in a major money laundering scheme, claiming that a warrant was issued against her.

Throughout the night, the fraudster coerced the victim into a Skype video call, continuously threatening her with severe consequences. Fearing for her safety, the victim ultimately transferred Rs. 60 lakh to an account provided by the caller.

Realizing the deception after the transfer, the victim promptly contacted the cybercrime helpline at number 1930.

Responding swiftly, the Cyber Crime Helpline at the TS Cyber Security Bureau swiftly uploaded the transaction details onto the CFCFRMS portal. They also alerted the SBI Bank, where the fraudulent transfer occurred, ensuring that the entire amount of Rs. 60 lakh was promptly frozen within just one hour.

Police authorities emphasized that the victim’s timely reporting of the crime to the 1930 helpline, coupled with the prompt action of the helpline staff in notifying the bank, played a pivotal role in safeguarding the entire sum. TSCSB Director Shikha Goel commended and rewarded SI G. Shirisha, along with constables T. Rehman and B. Krishna of the 1930 call center, for their swift response to the complaint.

By Rishi

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