Director Surya Kiran Died in Chennai Due to Heart Attack

By cinema manishi Mar 11, 2024 #surya kiran

Today, the Telugu cinema fraternity mourns the loss of a remarkable talent, Surya Kiran, whose directorial prowess brought us unforgettable films like “Satyam” and “Raju Bhai.”

News reports confirm his sudden demise, attributing it to jaundice, which claimed his life at his Chennai residence. Surya Kiran battled health challenges before succumbing to this ailment.

Beyond his directorial achievements, Surya Kiran showcased his versatility as a child artist and participant on “Bigg Boss Telugu.” His directorial repertoire includes notable works like “Dhana 51,” “Brahmastram,” and “Chapter 6.”

While his personal life saw ups and downs, notably his marriage and subsequent divorce from actress Kalyani, today, our hearts go out to his grieving family as they navigate this profound loss. Surya Kiran’s contributions to Telugu cinema will forever be cherished and remembered

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