Kiran Abbavaram’s Real-Life Love Story: Tying the Knot with Debut Heroine

Telugu film industry’s rising star, Kiran Abbavaram, is set to embark on a new journey as he prepares to exchange vows with his longtime love, Rahasya, his co-star from the debut movie “Raja Varu Raani Gaaru.” Their romance, blossoming over five years, culminates in an engagement ceremony scheduled for this week, surrounded by their families.

Known for his discretion regarding personal matters, Kiran Abbavaram intends to keep the engagement ceremony intimate, with only close family members in attendance. Further details, including the wedding dates, will be disclosed by Kiran Abbavaram’s team shortly.

In a delightful turn of events, the reel-life couple is transcending their on-screen chemistry into real-life romance. Despite facing setbacks, Kiran Abbavaram remains occupied with numerous film projects, continuing to attract promising opportunities in his career journey.

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