Family Star Trails Behind Nota and World Famous Lover in Box Office Openings

Despite Vijay Devarakonda‘s consistent success in opening his films with impressive numbers, “Family Star” experiences a significant setback in its initial reception. Despite boasting a blockbuster combination with Mrunal Thakur in the lead and Dilraju as the producer, the movie fails to generate the anticipated buzz among audiences. Word-of-mouth feedback falls below expectations, resulting in dismal opening figures.

Comparisons with past films like “Kushi,” “Liger,” and “Dear Comrade” highlight the stark contrast in opening performance, with “Family Star” lagging behind even outright failures like “Nota” and “World Famous Lover.” This disappointing outcome underscores the challenges faced by Vijay Devarakonda and the film’s team.Despite efforts to instill confidence through positive responses from family audiences and a recent press meet, current booking trends remain discouraging. With a breakeven target of 45 Cr, the film’s success hinges on improbable turnarounds, leaving buyers apprehensive about the film’s financial viability.

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