Is Vijay Devarakonda’s Family Star Worth Watching?

In “Family Star,” Vijay Deverakonda’s character Govardhan bears the responsibility of managing the joint family. The narrative explains how and why his family suffers as a result of his older brother and how and why he meets Indu, a wealthy businessman played by Murunal Thakur. “Family Star”‘s story is shaped by the turmoil that results from her presence.

Regarding Sri Venkateswara Creations, their production values are adequate and nothing special to mention. Despite having a weak first half overall, “Family Star” suffers greatly from the director’s hazy interpretation of the story and the terrible conflicts he tried to employ to up the drama.

The entire second half is shot in the U.S. as the story takes place there.

KU Mohanan’s cinematography is just decent; the film looks normal, and nowhere in the visuals does it look refreshing.

Music by Gopisundar is outright disappointing. The background music elevates a few scenes here and there, but the overall work from Gopisundar is not worth discussing.

There is zero effort to make use of a fresh pair like Vijay and Mrunal. When the story returns to India, there are a few nicely written dialogues to describe the man of every family star, but what follows is again an extended action episode which looks like a very patchy wrap-up.

 Overall, ‘Family Star’ has a passable first half but suffers greatly due to the director’s lack of clarity on the story and the dead weak conflicts he tried to build the drama on.

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