Vijay Deverakonda Calls His Father ‘My Family Star’, Writes Emotional Note:”I love you my superstar”

As his latest movie “Family Star” opens in theatres today, actor Vijay Deverakonda wrote a touching letter to his father.

In a heartfelt letter, actor Vijay Deverakonda thanked his father, Deverakonda Govardhan Rao, for everything that he had done for the actor. Prior to the premiere of his upcoming movie, Family Star, Vijay used his Instagram account to post a heartfelt remembrance of his father along with a video that included old pictures of the actor with his father.

Vijay referred to his father as “my hero, my star” while sharing the video. Vijay also delivered a moving speech in the video, saying, “My Family Star… I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. Every step I take now, from my very first baby steps, I know you’re there, supporting and keeping an eye on me. You went through hardships so I wouldn’t have to, and you gave up your happiness so I may have happiness. My first and best buddy was you. My first hero is you. My strength lies in you. Forgive me if I have ever disappointed you or damaged you. Recognise my affection for you. My greatest accomplishment will be making you proud, and you will always be My Family Star.”

“Life is full of highs and lows and I do not know what it holds in store,” Vijay said in the caption of his post. However, I want to make you happy and proud every day. My Superstar, I adore you. We created #FamilyStar to honour the stars in our lives and to share a brief glimpse into the past of the man for whom this film was created. I dedicate this film to all men, women, girls, and boys who defend their families. Many thanks, Your man. Vijay.

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