Government of India Takes Decisive Action: Bans 18 OTT Platforms

By cinema manishi Mar 14, 2024 #OTT

The surge in the adoption of OTT platforms has witnessed an unprecedented rise, particularly in India, amidst the pandemic. However, with this surge comes mounting concerns regarding the absence of adequate censorship mechanisms and regulatory frameworks governing digital content.

In response to these concerns, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has taken decisive steps by blocking access to 18 OTT platforms found to be non-compliant with established regulations. These platforms have been singled out for disseminating content deemed inappropriate, including material considered obscene, vulgar, and, in some instances, pornographic.

This governmental action extends beyond OTT platforms, encompassing 19 websites and the removal of 7 apps from the Google Play Store, along with 3 apps from the Apple App Store. Additionally, 57 associated social media accounts, spanning platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube, have been restricted from public access within India.

As the government implements these measures, there is a palpable anticipation among the public regarding the extent of control the authorities will exercise over digital content in the future.

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