Manjummel Boys: The Unforeseen Industry Hit of Malayalam Cinema

When “Manjummel Boys” hit the screens, industry insiders anticipated its potential as a blockbuster. However, little did they foresee the immense box office success it would achieve in the long run, ultimately earning the coveted title of the new industry hit in Malayalam cinema, surpassing the previous record holder from 2018. What adds to the intrigue is that both films belong to the survival thriller genre.

To date, “Manjummel Boys” has amassed over 175 crores in gross revenue worldwide, steadily approaching the 200 crores milestone. It has set unprecedented records in various territories, including North America, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Australia. Notably, achieving industry hit status without the backing of established stars is a remarkable feat in itself.

This success marks the second consecutive year that the Mollywood industry has celebrated such a milestone. Directed by Chidambaram, the film boasts an ensemble cast featuring Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Basi, Balu Varghese, Ganapati S Poduval, Jean Paul Lal, Deepak Parambol, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, and Arjun Kurian in pivotal roles.

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