Hanuman 3Days Collections: Sankranthi winner is Here

It’s great to hear that Hanuman is performing exceptionally well at the box office, and the positive response from audiences is evident in its record-breaking collections. The fact that it has become the biggest day for the film on Day 3 is a significant achievement, and it speaks volumes about the popularity and success of the movie.

The strong performance across different territories and languages, along with the massive jump in collections on Day 3, indicates a widespread appeal and acceptance among the audience. The success of the Hindi version, expected to surpass the combined collections of Day 1 and Day 2, is particularly noteworthy.

The film’s success in Telugu, with packed house fulls and an increasing demand for tickets, reflects the strong hold it has on the regional audience. Additionally, the impressive performance of Hanuman in overseas markets, surpassing even star-studded films, adds to its global success.

With a projected Day 3 worldwide gross of 30 range, and the anticipation of crossing the 100Cr gross mark soon, it’s clear that Hanuman is making a sensational impact at the box office. Congratulations to the team, including director Prasanth Varma and lead actor Teja Sajja, for their efforts being highly rewarded by the audience. The film’s continued success is something to be celebrated in the world of cinema.

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