Hanuman Day 3 Box Office Collections

Hanuman’s third-day box office collections have set a new record, making it the biggest day for the film. The pan-India superhero movie, directed by the talented Prasanth Varma, generated significant excitement through its impressive promotional events. Since its theatrical release, Hanuman has consistently dominated the box office, achieving remarkable numbers.

Teja Sajja, the young hero, takes on the lead role in this film, and his performance, combined with the team’s efforts, has earned the film high praise from audiences. The third-day box office collections for Hanuman have been revealed, marking it as the film’s most successful day.

Hanuman exhibited a remarkable surge in all territories and languages on Day 3, solidifying its status as a blockbuster. The Hindi version is anticipated to surpass the combined collections of both Day 1 and Day 2 on this pivotal day.

In Telugu, the film continues to experience packed houses with an increasing demand for tickets, leading to a continuous addition of shows. Notably, Hanuman has outperformed some star-studded films in overseas markets.

Overall, the film is expected to achieve a sensational worldwide gross of around 30 crores on Day 3, setting the stage for it to cross the 100 crore gross mark in the following days. Hanuman’s exceptional performance at the box office reaffirms its success and popularity among the audience.

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