Hi Nanna: From Box Office Decent to OTT Sensation, Nani’s Journey

By cinema manishi Apr 2, 2024 #hi nanna

“Hi Nanna,” starring Natural Star Nani and Mrunal Thakur, started its journey with a decent run at the box office, showcasing a fresh narrative complemented by the charming chemistry between the lead pair and the delightful presence of a child actor. However, it was after its OTT release that the film truly shined, garnering sensational success on Netflix’s Top Films list.

While many viewers who missed the theatrical run caught up with the film on Netflix and became instant fans, the story took a downturn when it premiered on TV. Unfortunately, the TV premiere yielded disappointing TRP numbers, with only 4.45 TRP in urban areas and 4.06 TRP in urban and rural regions. This outcome came as a surprise, especially considering Nani’s popularity among family audiences and the film’s thematic focus on family issues.

Despite positive reviews and decent word-of-mouth in theaters, “Hi Nanna” struggled to resonate with television audiences. This trend seems to extend beyond just this film, as recent Nani starrers have also faced challenges in TV ratings while enjoying significant success on OTT platforms.

Looking ahead, Nani is currently immersed in his next project under DVV Creations, titled “Saripodhaa Sanivaaram,” with the film’s first look already generating buzz among fans.

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