How ram navami is celebrated in different cities

The grand festival is around the corner and devotees have already started celebrating Ram Janmotsav with great grandeur. 

Ram Navami is celebrated by crores of devotees .Lord Rama is a seventh Awtar of Lord Vishnu.

There are several different ways in which Ram Navami is celebrated.

Every place has its own traditions and rituals of celebration.

It is believed that devotees who fast on this occasion get blessed with happiness and peace.

If we talk about Ayodhya Uttarpradesh , We all know it is the birthplace of Rama and also it is considered as one of the holiest towns in India.

A grand procession is carried out, where people carry flag and chant Jai Shree Ram. People play bhajan and do kirtan along with dhol and the vibe of this place is amazing on this day

In Telangana, Bhadrachalam is a small town in Telangana and this is one of the best places to witness Ram Navami.

 A large number of devotees visit this place on Navami.It is also called Dakshina Ayodhya. 

In Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu 

This is the place where Vanarsena built the floating bridge – Ram Setu to Srilanka and this helped Shri Ram to reach there to rescue Goddess Sita. 

It is believed that Lord Shri Ram worshiped Lord Shiva here and established a shivalingam that is why this place is known as Rameshwaram. 

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