How your anger is destroying your relationships? Ways to control anger and frustration

By Nikita Agrawal Apr 9, 2024 #relationship

The way couples deal with anger can often make or break a relationship. Don’t settle for screaming matches and slamming doors. Here, a few tips to help you effectively communicate anger in your relationship.

Even when it’s not directed at the other person, anger is a normal and natural human emotion that will always find a way to show itself in a relationship. 

Regrettably, our relationships with the people we love the most—including our romantic partners—frequently see the emergence of wrath.

However, passion in a relationship shouldn’t allow for the unrestrained expression of feelings like rage. In any romantic relationship, being able to control your anger and how you respond to your partner’s anger is a helpful ability that may foster connection and maturity.

When a person is fighting with their significant other, sometimes they may feel the urge to slam a door and give them the silent treatment. Going silent can calm you down temporarily, but it is likely to increase your partner’s anxiety or anger.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit down and solve a problem in the heat of the moment. Instead of quickly zooming out of the driveway or walking away, consider telling your partner that you need some time to calm down so you can organize your thinking. 

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