Ilaiyaraaja Issues Legal Notice Over Unauthorized Use of ‘Kammani’ Song in ‘Manjummel Boys’

By cinema manishi May 23, 2024 #rajinikanth

Legendary composer Ilaiyaraaja recently sent a legal notice to the makers of Rajinikanth’s upcoming movie, “Coolie,” for using his track without prior permission. Now, another film has caught his attention for the same reason.

The film in question is “Manjummel Boys,” which has gained acclaim across various linguistic audiences. Directed by Chidambaram, the movie features the song ‘Kammani’ from Kamal Haasan’s classic “Guna.” The inclusion of this song in the opening credits and climax received high praise from viewers.

However, Ilaiyaraaja was displeased with the unauthorized use of his composition. His lawyer issued a notice to the filmmakers, citing the inappropriate use of his creative work. Since “Manjummel Boys” is also available on OTT platforms, the notice demands compensation for the song’s usage.

Interestingly, the filmmakers had obtained permission from the music label that owned the audio rights to “Guna.” It remains to be seen how the film’s team will respond to this legal challenge. Stay tuned for further updates as this situation develops

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