‘Jai HanuMan’ Release Pushed to 2026, Details Revealed!

By Rishi Apr 28, 2024 #jai hanuman

Prasanth Varma is riding high on the success of his recent blockbuster, “HanuMan,” which raked in over 320 crores at the box office. Now, all eyes are eagerly anticipating the sequel, “Jai Hanuman.”

Initially slated for release in 2025, the latest update reveals that “Jai Hanuman” has been rescheduled for 2026. However, there’s intriguing news on the horizon.

123telugu has previously reported that Prasanth Varma has secured a film with none other than Ranveer Singh. This exciting collaboration is set to kick off production in 2025. Prasanth’s plan is to swiftly wrap up the Hindi project with Ranveer Singh before diving into the production of “Jai Hanuman.”

Ranveer Singh’s involvement in a Prasanth Varma project is generating significant buzz, leaving many curious to witness how Varma will transition into directing a Hindi film.

By Rishi

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