Tillu Square: A Roaring Debut on Netflix

By Rishi Apr 27, 2024 #tillu square

“Tillu Square” has emerged as a blockbuster at the box office, raking in over 120 crores during its theatrical run. The comedic escapade is now available for streaming on Netflix, enjoying a promising start.

Even in its OTT debut, “Tillu Square” continues to soar. Insider information from Netflix suggests that the film has already amassed millions of viewing minutes within hours of its release.

A segment of the audience, unable to catch the film in theaters, is eagerly tuning in to the OTT platform.

Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s portrayal of Tillu has propelled him to stardom once more, sparking discussions following the film’s OTT premiere. Mallik Ram helmed the directorial duties for “Tillu Square.”

By Rishi

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