Manchu Manoj Stirred Up in Political Controversy

Actor Manchu Manoj stirred up a political controversy during his speech at Telugu Legendary Actor Mohan Babu’s Birthday event held in Tirupati at Mohan Babu Educational Institution. The event was graced by Malayalam Actor Mohanlal as the chief guest.

In his address, Manoj veered into political territory, urging the audience to choose leaders who prioritize justice for all. Many perceived his remarks as veiled criticism directed towards CM Jagan, who has been embroiled in alleged family issues. Manoj implied that leaders who fail to manage their own family affairs might not adequately address the concerns of the public. While the exact motivation behind his comments remains unclear, they garnered significant backlash from the public, who deemed them unnecessary.

Critics also raised questions about Manoj’s past feud with his brother, Manchu Vishnu, further complicating the reception of his political statements. Manoj’s recent marriage to the daughter of the late political leader Shoba Nagi Reddy adds another layer of scrutiny, as his wife and her sister are active members of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Some speculate that Manoj’s remarks were calculated to politically benefit his wife’s sister and the TDP, especially considering the timing of his statements coinciding with the recent announcement of the election code and upcoming elections in two months.

The speculation about Manoj’s potential affiliation with the TDP is further fueled by the absence of any response from Mohan Babu on the incident. It remains to be seen whether Manoj’s remarks signify a shift in his political allegiance.

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