Manjummel Boys: Scaling New Heights with Yet Another Milestone

The recently released Malayalam film, “Manjummel Boys,” has taken the box office by storm, despite not featuring any major stars. Garnering widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, it has achieved unprecedented success, becoming the fastest Malayalam film to gross 200 crores worldwide. Notably, “Manjummel Boys” has secured its place as an industry hit in the Malayalam film industry, setting a new benchmark for success.

Adding to its accolades, the film has also crossed the 1.5 million dollar mark in the U.S. market, a feat previously unmatched by any other Malayalam film. Its success overseas is remarkable, as it stands as the sole representative from the Malayalam industry to achieve this milestone. Furthermore, its Tamil release has been met with considerable success, paving the way for a planned Telugu dubbed version, “Premalu,” which is poised to replicate its triumphs and potentially surpass the 2 million dollar mark.

The Telugu version of “Premalu” has already demonstrated its box office prowess, grossing over 10 crores worldwide. With an overseas gross of 8.1 million dollars, “Manjummel Boys” is on track to surpass the record set by the 2018 blockbuster, further solidifying its status as the highest-grossing Malayalam film in the overseas market.

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