Manjummel Boys: Dominating Box-office all Over

Malayalam cinema continues to reign supreme at the box office, with three major releases making significant waves just three months into the year. “Premalu,” “Brahmayugam,” and “Manjummel Boys” have collectively captivated audiences and are raking in substantial earnings at the ticket counters.

Among these successes, “Manjummel Boys” stands out as a seat-edge survival thriller that has achieved remarkable milestones. Notably, it has become the first Malayalam film to enter the coveted million-dollar club in the US market.

The film’s gripping narrative, coupled with its Kodaikanal setting and the infectious appeal of the Guna song, has resonated strongly with viewers across various linguistic demographics. This resonance, along with emotional crescendos in the latter half of the story, has propelled “Manjummel Boys” to unprecedented heights.

Setting records left and right, “Manjummel Boys” has quickly surpassed the 100 crore mark in worldwide gross, making it the fastest Malayalam film to achieve this milestone in Mollywood history. Its dominance at the box office is evident as it surpasses collections of other Malayalam blockbusters, claiming the top spot in various regions and territories.

From outshining “Pulimurugan” in the rest of India to overtaking “Kurup” in Tamil Nadu and dominating 2018 releases in Australia and New Zealand, “Manjummel Boys” has solidified its position as the number one Malayalam film. Its triumph extends to North America, where it surpasses the likes of “Lucifer” to clinch the top spot. Witness the unparalleled success of “Manjummel Boys” as it continues to rewrite box office records.

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