Sai Durga Tej: Supreme Hero Gifts His Mother

By cinema manishi Mar 10, 2024 #sai durga tej

Renowned as the ‘Supreme Hero,’ Sai Dharam Tej has once again embraced a new identity. Following a life-altering motorbike accident in September 2021, the actor transitioned his legal name to ‘Sai Tej.’ However, in a surprising turn of events in March 2024, the Virupaksha star revealed his decision to adopt a new name, ‘Sai Durga Tej.’ This alteration includes the addition of the middle name ‘Durga’ as a tribute to his cherished mother, Vijaya Durga, who happens to be the younger sister of the legendary ‘Mega Star’ Chiranjeevi.

Accompanying this personal transformation, Sai Tej announced the inception of his production company, ‘Vijaya Durga Productions,’ signaling his venture into film investment. Fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of these decisions, anticipating their impact on his career trajectory.

On the professional front, Sai Durga Tej has committed to a project helmed by debutant director Jayanth Panuganti. However, his collaboration with Sampath Nandi on ‘Ganja Shankar’ has encountered setbacks and been shelved due to budgetary constraints. Stay tuned for further updates on Sai Durga Tej’s evolving journey in the entertainment industry.

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