Manjummel Boys: Malayalam Film’s Box Office Journey and Missed Milestone

The Malayalam cinematic gem, “Manjummel Boys,” has garnered widespread acclaim and smashed box office records since its debut. With glowing reviews and a lightning-fast climb to the 100-crore mark domestically, it swiftly soared past the 200-crore milestone worldwide, solidifying its status as an industry blockbuster. Yet, despite its remarkable success, the film narrowly missed achieving a monumental feat at the box office.

While “Manjummel Boys” raked in over 200 crores globally, it fell just short of the illustrious 250-crore mark, a milestone eagerly anticipated in the Mollywood circuit. The film’s performance in Telugu territories played a pivotal role in this near miss. Though commendable, its reception in the Telugu market lacked the sensational numbers needed to propel it to the upper echelons. In comparison, “Premalu” maintains its lead over “Manjummel Boys” in Telugu-speaking regions and the United States, with the Telugu version of “Premalu” grossing approximately 14 crores, whereas “Manjummel Boys” managed around 10 crores. Anticipation remains high for an additional 5 crores from the final run of “Manjummel Boys.”

As it stands, “Manjummel Boys” has amassed a total global gross of 236 crores, with projections indicating a closure around 240 crores. Had the Telugu version witnessed a stronger performance, crossing the 25-crore threshold, it could have etched its name as Mollywood’s first 250-crore grosser. Nevertheless, in the ever-evolving landscape of cinema, opportunities abound, and it remains to be seen which film will claim this prestigious title first.

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