Top Producer Bids High for Distribution Rights of Devara

By cinema manishi Apr 16, 2024 #Devara #jr ntr

The shooting of “Devara,” featuring the charismatic Jr. NTR, is progressing swiftly, promising a cinematic spectacle on an epic scale. Set to grace screens across major Indian languages, the film is slated for release on October 10th, generating excitement among fans nationwide. As the team diligently engages in post-production endeavors, Sithara Entertainments emerges as a contender vying for the rights to distribute the film across the Telugu states, with an impressive offer of 120 crores.

However, amidst this fervent pursuit, prominent players like Mythri Movie Makers and acclaimed producer Dil Raju enter the fray, intensifying the competition for Telugu state rights. The anticipation surrounding “Devara” is palpable, fueled further by a teaser that showcases its grandiose production values. Jr. NTR, fueled by the success of “RRR,” is determined to deliver yet another blockbuster, wasting no time in ensuring meticulous execution.

Beyond “Devara,” Jr. NTR is diversifying his cinematic portfolio, concurrently engaging in the production of “War 2,” where he plays a pivotal role. Recent sightings of the actor on set in Mumbai underscore his ambition to solidify his status as a pan-Indian star. Additionally, his collaboration with acclaimed director Prashant Neel further underscores his multifaceted approach to captivating audiences across the nation.

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