Premalu: A Blockbuster Success Across Languages and Regions

By cinema manishi Mar 15, 2024 #premalu

The Malayalam blockbuster Premalu has stormed the box offices of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, alongside Manjummel Boys and Bramayugam, creating waves throughout February and beyond. While Manjummel Boys claims the title of the new industry hit in Malayalam cinema, Premalu has achieved something extraordinary.

The Telugu version of Premalu has successfully replicated the success of the original, garnering positive responses from audiences in the Telugu states. Though the Telugu release commenced at a modest pace, its momentum is steadily building. Currently, it’s outselling Bhimaa and Gaami on Book My Show, showcasing its robust performance.

This underscores the movie’s strong run with impressive numbers. Conversely, Bhimaa and Gaami are experiencing a decline in footfalls day by day. The second weekend for Premalu promises to surpass the first, with projections indicating a double-digit gross in the Telugu states and potentially beyond, given the current trajectory. The Telugu version is also making strides in the USA market. As of its fifth week, Premalu has amassed a worldwide gross of 106 Cr, with its fifth-week numbers surpassing the fourth week by 10% due to the Telugu release. The Tamil version of Premalu has also hit theatres, heightening anticipation for its performance.

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