Sharwanand Announces Success Meet for “Manamey” in Pithapuram


Sharwanand’s much-anticipated film “Manamey,” directed by Sriram Adittya, is set to hit the big screens this Friday, featuring Krithi Shetty as the female lead. The film’s grand pre-release event took place in Hyderabad. Before delving into his speech about “Manamey,” Sharwanand took a moment to congratulate Chandra Babu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan, and Balakrishna on their resounding victory in the AP elections.

Sharwanand expressed, “There’s a festive atmosphere now with Pawan Kalyan Garu’s solid victory in Pithapuram. Many have asked why I chose serious films. I wanted to create a movie that blends entertainment with a meaningful story. ‘Manamey’ addresses a beautiful theme about spending quality time with our loved ones.”

He further elaborated, “The final 40 minutes of ‘Manamey’ will transport audiences to a new world. The movie avoids preachy messages, focusing instead on pure entertainment by trimming unnecessary scenes. Don’t overthink the logic; just enjoy the experience. Initially, we planned to host the pre-release event in Pithapuram, but due to permit issues, we had to shift the location. However, the success meet will definitely take place in Pithapur

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