Tillu Square Risky Run time

In the realm of upcoming releases, the spotlight falls upon “Tillu Square,” featuring the dynamic duo of Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran. However, what truly sets this film apart is its daring and surprisingly short runtime of just 2 hours. Despite initial skepticism, both the team behind the project and its esteemed leads exude unwavering confidence in the film’s potential.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, “DJ Tillu,” which attained cult status among youthful audiences, anticipation for the sequel soared. Memorable songs and iconic scenes from the original continue to reverberate across social media, generating a fervent buzz. However, the journey to bring “Tillu Square” to fruition encountered unforeseen hurdles, resulting in multiple postponements of its release date.

The unveiling of the first look and teaser provoked a mixed reaction, as viewers were taken aback by the inclusion of explicit scenes featuring the lead pair. This departure from the light-hearted comedy of its predecessor raised questions about the film’s direction and potential reception. Additionally, concerns have emerged regarding the abbreviated runtime, leaving some apprehensive about whether it can sufficiently captivate audiences.

While speculation abounds, the team behind “Tillu Square” remains tight-lipped, leaving the runtime locked and shrouded in mystery. With its impending release scheduled for March 29th, all eyes eagerly await the unveiling of this daring cinematic venture.

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