“Prathinidhi 2” Release Delayed but Set for May 10—A Timely Political Drama Amid AP Elections

The release of Nara Rohit’s upcoming film “Prathinidhi 2,” directed by debutant Murthy Devagupthapu, has been delayed from its initial date of April 25. Though the reasons for the delay were not specified, the film is now set to hit theaters on May 10, just three days before the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections.

With heightened political activity across Andhra Pradesh, “Prathinidhi 2” finds itself in an intriguing position. As the second installment in the “Prathinidhi” franchise, the movie features Nara Rohit as an honest news reporter navigating the complexities of political intrigue and drama. The timing of the release could benefit from the heightened public interest in political themes, possibly attracting more audience attention.

The film’s teaser and trailer have already garnered positive feedback, building anticipation among fans. Siree Lella plays the female lead, while supporting roles are filled by actors such as Dinesh Tej, Sapthagiri, Jisshu Sengupta, and Sachin Khedekar. The political action drama is produced by Kumar Raza Bathula, Anjaneyulu Sri Thota, and Surendranath Bollineni under the banners of Vanara Entertainments and Rana Arts. The soundtrack is composed by Mahati Swara Sagar, adding to the film’s appeal.

As “Prathinidhi 2” gears up for its May 10 release, all eyes are on how the film’s political narrative aligns with the current mood in Andhra Pradesh and whether this timing will work in its favor

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